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The 2022 Mid term Working Conference of Lizhong Wheel Group was held in BaoDing


From August 2 to 4, 2022, the three-day "Group 2022 Annual Interim Working Meeting" was held in the Sitong New Materials Conference Room. More than 50 group management committees, leaders of listed companies, executives at or above the level of director of the group, general managers and financial principals of relevant companies attended the meeting, which was chaired by Cao Weize, vice president of the group.



Zang Yongxing, Chairman of the Group, participated in the torch relay of the Beijing Winter Paralympic Games
On March 2, Mr. Zang Yongxing, Chairman of the Group, participated in the torch relay of the Winter Paralympic Games in Beijing as a torchbearer. He was one of the three torchbearers in Baoding who participated in the torch relay. Lizhong Group has always attached great importance to the employment of the disabled...



Lizhong Group's 2021 Business Summary and 2022 Business Plan Work Meeting was held in BaoDing
On February 28, the business summary meeting for 2021 and the business plan meeting for 2022 of Lizhong Group were held in Doubletree Hotel, Hilton, Baoding.



The Management Committee of Lizhong Group, together with the senior management team, paid a New Year's greetings to all employees
Taurus bravely reported that the year was over, and Jade Tiger welcomed the new century. On January 31, the New Year's Eve, on the occasion of leaving the old year and ushering in the new year, Zang Ligen, Chairman of the Management Committee of Lizhong Group, and Zang Lizhong, Vice Chairman of Lizhong Group...



Zang Yongxing, Chairman of the Group, was invited to attend the 6th China Manufacturing Power Forum
From March 27 to 28, the sixth China Manufacturing Power Forum was held in Baoding with the theme of "stabilizing manufacturing, strengthening the entity, and opening a new situation".