Thailand Xintai Wheel Manufacturing Co., Ltd

(Stock Code:300428)
Xintai Wheel Manufacturing Co., Ltd. is Lizhong Group (Lizhong Group was founded in 1984, and now has four industrial sectors: Lizhong Wheel, Lizhong Alloy, Stone New Materials, and Lizhong Chemical. It was listed in Shenzhen Stock Exchange in 2015.(stock code:300428)The subsidiary invested and established in September 2010 focuses on R&D and manufacturing of high-end lightweight aluminum alloy wheels and cast aluminum alloy materials.
The company is located in Rayong Industrial Park, Taizhong, Thailand, with a superior geographical location, 117km from Bangkok, 36km from Pattaya, a coastal tourist city, and 31km from Lianchabang Port. The company covers an area of 1400000m, with a total investment of 260000000 US dollars. With an annual production capacity of 5400000 aluminum alloy wheels and 100000 tons of cast aluminum alloy materials, it is currently a large aluminum alloy wheel manufacturer in Southeast Asian countries.
The company is the overseas production base of Lizhong Wheel Group, an advanced production line of automation, informatization and digitalization, and a lean production and refined management system, providing more convenient, faster and better market services for Southeast Asia, Europe, America and other countries.
Year / Establishment
Only / Aluminum alloy wheel
Ton / Aluminum alloy material
USD / Total investment
Corporate Culture
Thanksgiving struggle focus on innovation
Keep Learning, making innovations, and producing excellent products,
to meet the market demands and achieve the common prosperity of employees, customers and shareholders.
Strive More and Cooperate More
Concentration, dedication and expert
Diligent, Cooperative, Creative
Development history of Lizhong Group

It has gone through

three stages

In 1984-1990

It has completed primitive accumulation of capital.

In 1991-1995

It has realized “separation of two rights” through reformation.

In 1996-2021

It has entered a rapid development stage and invented established multiple subsidiaries through independent investment, cooperative investment, and overseas investment.

It has worked in

three industries

Aluminum alloy material, auto parts industry, and chemical materials.

It has manufactured

four kinds of products

Cast aluminum alloy, aluminum alloy wheel, aluminum-base functional intermediate alloy material, and new energy automobile battery material.

It always

works on one thing

Automobile lightweight low-carbon and green materials and products

Company memorabilia
Lizhong Group was founded in 1984
In 1995, Lizhong Wheel Group was established
Listed on the Singapore Exchange in 2005
Listed in Shenzhen Stock Exchange in 2015
In 2020, Lizhong will have a capacity of 20000000 wheels
Company establishment and factory construction
Company establishment and factory construction
Company establishment and factory construction
Company establishment and factory construction
Company establishment and factory construction
Listed in Shenzhen Stock Exchange
In 2010, the company was established and the factory started construction
The production line is completed and put into operation
Company (factory) panorama
Certification of system
The company plans to pass the following system certifications: IATF 16949, ISO 14001, ISO 45001, ISO/IEC 17025, etc.
Company Honors