Thailand Xintai Wheel Manufacturing Co., Ltd

Notice of Tender
Bidding Process
Specific Contents
1. Investigating and inspecting the newly joined suppliers: The newly joined suppliers provide business qualifications, download and fill in the supplier questionnaire from the website. After collecting relevant information, the purchasing department conducts investigation and survey through field visits or professional websites, and sends the investigation contents and results to all the subsidiaries of the group company to determine whether they are qualified suppliers.
2. Issuing bidding documents: According to the demand plans of each subsidiaries in the group company, the purchasing department will issue bidding and purchasing announcements on the group company's website.
3. Bidding documents recovery and bidding evaluation: Suppliers shall bid within the time required by the bidding and purchasing announcement, and the purchasing department shall sort out and compare the recovered bidding documents, and determine the winning bidders according to the opinions of the relevant companies and business units and the evaluation of the product quality and the capability of each supplier.