Thailand Xintai Wheel Manufacturing Co., Ltd

Technology Research and Development
Research and development platform
The technology department of the company relies on the group technology research center to carry out product design and product manufacturing technology research and development. The group technology research center has a fully functional product research and development test equipment and more than 300 professional research and development personnel in the industry, and has established the research and development and manufacturing of functional intermediate alloy materials, casting aluminum alloy materials, mold research and development and manufacturing, special equipment research and development and manufacturing, product design The complete industrial technology chain of production process technology R&D and information platform ensures the company's advantages in product development and manufacturing technology in the industry.
Research and development capability

Relying on more than 200 sets of advanced inspection, analysis and test equipment of Lizhong Wheel Group, the company can ensure that the safety performance and decorative performance of aluminum alloy wheels are comprehensively inspected, tested, analyzed and evaluated, forming an inspection system from incoming inspection of raw materials to warehousing and delivery of finished products.

The test and inspection items mainly include more than 70 items, such as material composition, smelting quality, casting quality, T6 treatment effect, machining accuracy, spraying performance and coating quality, covering all the inspection and experiment items of aluminum alloy wheels in major automobile factories around the world.

Patented technology
The technology level of the company was improved and the intellectual property protection of the company was strengthened by using more than 620 patents, 140 scientific and technological achievements obtained by Lizhong Wheel Group and patents applied by the company. The Group has also undertaken many provincial and ministerial projects such as national international science and technology cooperation projects and transformation of national major scientific and technological achievements, and presided over and participated in drafting 19 national/industrial standards.
Certification of Qualification
Qualification certification of major automobile manufacturers in the world